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Our Mission

100% vegan & cruelty-free.

Vegan from the beginning

Since its launch in 2013, Luvia has been a completely vegan cosmetics brand. We have a big heart for animals and strictly reject their exploitation in any form.
We also clearly distance ourselves from companies that conduct animal testing or pass it on to others as an order.

Diversely beautiful

For us, makeup is more than a series of changing trends. We see it as an art form with which every person can celebrate individual beauty and enhance self-confidence.
Luvia stands for vegan makeup with outstanding performance that feels wonderfully light and silky on the skin.


We respect every life and take a clear position against the exploitation of human and animal life.


Make-up is our passion! In every product is a lot of heart, care and attention to detail.


As one of the first vegan makeup brands, we evolve daily to make our products even better.

made with love

Our Products

A velvety skin feel and high-quality, sustainable raw materials characterize all Luvia products. In the development of our brushes, we harmonize nature-friendly materials with pioneering design.

Our laboratories are constantly developing new, even softer premium fibers that blend makeup perfectly and pamper the skin with every brush stroke.

We also pay attention to efficient, material-saving design in packaging and use environmentally friendly FSC paper.
"Everyone deserves to feel beautiful
no matter what gender, size, shape or colour."