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A very important question, because make-up brushes should be cleaned regularly. This is the only way to effectively prevent skin impurities and irritations. For the proper cleaning of your brushes, there are special brush cleaners that simultaneously care for the hair and keep it in shape. With these products, the brush hair remains particularly supple and is thoroughly freed from make-up residues, sebum and flakes of skin. The best result is achieved with a Brush Soap, which contains valuable essential oils.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Wet the brush in mild water and foam it with circular motions on the surface of the soap.
Step 2: When the brush hair is completely covered in foam, run the brush in a circular motion over the palm of your hand or a cleansing pad to loosen any makeup residue.
Step 3: Then rinse it thoroughly under running water until the water becomes completely clear. You can repeat these steps as often as needed.
Step 4: Afterwards, just dab and gently squeeze excess water out of the hair. To dry, place the brush on a clean cloth and make sure that the tip of the brush is slightly tilted downwards. This ensures that no moisture gets into the area of the ferrule.

Vegan brushes do not contain animal hair or other animal components. The brush hair consists of synthetic fibers in different quality grades. This makes vegan brushes particularly suitable for allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin. All Luvia brushes are completely vegan and were even long before many other brands.

"How is a make-up brush actually made?"
Maybe you have asked yourself the same question.
Here you will learn all the steps of brush manufacturing at Luvia!

Brushes from Luvia are carefully produced individually. In the process, our brush makers apply their years of experience to make the brushes particularly high quality through proper processing.

Step 1: Each brush requires an exact amount of synthetic brush hair, which is first shortened to the appropriate length.
Step 2: Then the tuft of hair is guided into a loop of thread and shaped by twisting and tightening.
Step 3: Now the clamp comes into play! A high-performance adhesive is used to glue the bundle to the inside of the clamp for a precise fit.
Step 4: Finally, the ferrule is pressed with the brush handle made of bamboo or birch wood.
Step 5: To ensure that the brushes arrive safely to our customers, many of them receive an additional net to protect the hair from deformation.

Today, human hair brushes have no discernible advantages over synthetic hair brushes. Modern synthetic hair is much softer, more hygienic and has a longer life span to boot.
Real hair brushes, on the other hand, are made from the hair of squirrels, goats or foxes. The fact that these animals have to suffer for our beauty is an idea that most of us like to suppress. The natural structure of human hair is porous and scaly. You probably know from shampoo commercials what pictures of human hair look like under a microscope. Imagine what happens when you dip that hair in foundation. It's clear that human hair brushes absorb so much more product than brushes with synthetic hair. Synthetic hair brushes are therefore the clear winners here as well.

Bei Luvia gibt es 3 große Kollektionen, die alle verschiedene Kosmetikpinsel beinhalten. So gehören zu der Essential Linie insgesamt 24 Pinsel für Augen und Gesicht. Die beliebte Vegan Signature Linie mit dem geschwungenen Griff hat 15 einzelne Schminkpinsel zu bieten. Und zu der aktuellen Prime Vegan Linie gehören inzwischen sogar mehr als 25 Make-up-Pinsel – alle entweder einzeln oder in ausgeklügelten Sets erhältlich.

The best make-up brushes are made of high-quality synthetic Nurai hair, which neither breaks nor falls out and is ultra-easy to clean due to its smooth fiber structure. The brush hair should fill the ferrule precisely and be firmly anchored in it. Try it out and bend the brush hair slightly to the side. A good cosmetic brush passes this test by not forming a gap between the hair and ferrule.

Even though we at Luvia attach great importance to harmless and skin-friendly raw materials, our products do not yet count as certified natural cosmetics. Unfortunately, even natural ingredients - such as fragrances - are not tolerated equally well by everyone. Therefore, in case of doubt, we rather opt for ingredients that have been tested for a long time and provide maximum performance in the product. However, by regularly updating our packaging and INCIs according to the latest research, we ensure that we are gradually moving closer to our goal of more environmentally friendly, nature-friendly products.

The right brush set for beginners is not always easy to find. And even advanced makeup fans often wonder which brushes they still need so that one or the other step works even better in the future. The good news beforehand: there are brushes of which you should even quietly have a few more at home. What are they? Clearly all types of eyeshadow brushes, especially those for blending. (You can recognize them by their long, fluffy shape.) After all, nothing is more annoying than getting into a light color with a brush that contains remnants of dark eyeshadow.
With this knowledge, the decision may no longer be so difficult. If you are still very new to makeup, we recommend the vegan brush set Daily Essentials from the Prime Vegan line. The set offers you the three most important face brushes for applying powder, blush, bronzer and highlighter. In addition, you get two eye brushes with which you can easily apply and blend eye shadow. You can use the set especially well around an eye brush set like the Essential Eye Set so that you really have enough eyeshadow brushes in your collection. For now at least, because - pssst! - a brush collection can quickly become addictive. We know that from experience 😉.

The question is not so easy for us to answer, because we have taken every single one of our Luvia brush sets into our hearts. Our absolute bestseller, however, has always been the Prime Vegan in the legendary Brush Tube. Learn more about the Fan Favorite here.

The best make-up brushes are made of soft synthetic hair. New materials such as simple Taklon or the somewhat more noble Nurai hair are much more skin-friendly, gentle and hygienic than natural hair. Brushes made of synthetic hair can be washed without any problems and look like new after every use. It goes without saying that no animals are tortured for this.

Taklon is the material most synthetic brushes are made of. Taklon hair is more durable, hygienic and noticeably softer than human hair. The more valuable alternative to Taklon is the particularly gentle and skin-friendly Nurai hair.

There are some universal features by which you can recognize good makeup brushes. Nowadays, such brushes are made of soft, synthetic brush hair and are called vegan, synthetic or antibacterial.
Especially the last point is very important, because synthetic brush hair is actually much more hygienic than any natural hair. The reason for this lies in the smooth fiber structure, which makes it more difficult for dander, sebum and makeup residue to stick. (Quite the opposite of the porous and flaky surface of human hair). If the brushes are made of synthetic Nurai hair, you can be sure that you have a real quality product in your hands. Due to its special refinement, Nurai hair is even smoother than usual Taklon and for this reason breaks much less often.
Luvia brushes meet all the characteristics of high-quality makeup brushes and are also the only ones on the market that are made of the brand's own Nurai hair.

The right brush for foundation has a hair density that perfectly matches the texture of your foundation. For liquid or cream foundation it is recommended to use either a flat-bound, rounded brush such as the E103 Foundation Brush or a round brush with a flat top like the 110 Prime Buffer. With a flat brush like the 103, you can also apply cream products cleanly and conveniently.
For Mineral-Foundation is the round, tightly bound 115 Blurring Buffer best suited. With the buffer, you achieve the best results when you apply the product from the center of the face to the outside in dabbing movements and thus blend optimally.

The Buffer Brush (often called Buffing Brush) is used to apply products such as powder, foundation or concealer in dabbing motions.

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