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Makeup brushes should be cleaned regularly, as this is the only way to effectively prevent skin impurities and irritation. To wash your brushes properly, there are special brush cleaners that protect the brush hair and help to keep it in shape. These products maintain the suppleness of the brush hair and thoroughly remove makeup residues, sebum and flakes of skin. For best results, it is recommended to use a brush soap, that contains valuable essential oils.

And this is how it works
Step 1: Moisten the brush in lukewarm water and lather on the surface of the soap with circular movements.
Step 2: When the brush hair is completely covered in lather, run the brush in circles over the palm of your hand or a cleaning pad to dissolve the residue.
Schritt 3: Rinse the brush thoroughly under running water until the water becomes completely clear. You can repeat these steps as often as you like, depending on how stubborn the makeup residue is.
Schritt 4: Then just dab with a clean towel and gently squeeze excess water out of the hair. Place the brush on a clean surface to dry, making sure that the tip of the brush is tilted slightly downwards. This ensures that no moisture gets into the ferrule.

Vegan makeup brushes do not contain any animal hair or any animal components. The brush hair consists of synthetic fibres in different quality grades. This makes vegan makeup brushes particularly suitable for allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin. All Luvia brushes are completely vegan and were even long before many other brands.

Luvia brushes are carefully handcrafted. In a sequence of detailed manufacturing steps, our experienced brush masters make use of their year-long experience to ensure the highest level of product quality. Each brush requires a precise amount of synthetic brush hair, which is first shortened to the desired length. Then the tuft of hair is fed into a thread loop and brought into shape by twisting and tightening. In the next step, the bundle is glued to the inside of the ferrule with a high-performance adhesive. Finally, the ferrule is pressed together with the brush handle made of bamboo or birch wood. To ensure that the brushes can now be packed safely, many of them are given an additional sleeve that protects the hair from deformation during transport.

Nowadays, there are no significant advantages of natural hair brushes over synthetic brushes. State-of-the-art synthetic fibres are much softer, hygienic, and significantly more long-lasting than brushes made of animal hair. In contrast, the hair used for natural brushes usually comes from squirrels, goats or foxes. Many people suppress the idea that these animals must suffer for it. Also, animal hair is naturally porous and flaky. You probably know those high-resolving photographs from human hair from one shampoo commercial or another. Imagine what might happen to your natural brush hair if you dipped it into a pump of liquid foundation. Clearly, not only would the product be absorbed, but cleaning would be a challenge. Synthetic brushes are the clear winners in this game.

There are 3 major brush collections from Luvia, each offering a variety of makeup brushes. The Essential Linie includes 24 pure vegan face and eye brushes. The popular Vegan Signature Linie with a lovely curved handle includes 15. And the newest Prime Vegan line offers you more than 25 makeup brushes – all either individually or as part of sophisticated brush sets.

Some of the best cosmetic brushes are made if high-quality synthetic Nurai hair. This innovative fibre shows less breakage, is less likely to fall out and is also easy to clean thanks to its smooth surface. The brush hair should fit the ferrule perfectly and be firmly fixed in it. Try it out and bend the brush hair slightly to the side! A good cosmetic brush passes this test when no gap appears between the hair and the ferrule.

Although we place great value on clean, skin-friendy ingredients, the Luvia palettes are not yet officially certified as natural cosmetics. Unfortunately, even natural ingredients like certain fragrances are not always tolerated by everyone. Therefore, we always rely on long-establish, well-studied ingredients allow the product to unfold its maximum performance. Nevertheless, making our product as clean and environment-friendly as possible is our one long-time goal. Nevertheless, our long-standing goal is to make our product as clean and environmentally friendly as possible. We achieve this by continuously updating our INCI lists and packaging.

Finding the right makeup brush set for beginners can be tricky. And even some experienced makeup enthusiasts ask themselves quite often, if there are certain brushes that might work better with one product or the other. First, there is good news: There do exist some brushes, you really cannot have enough of. Which ones? Clearly all types of eyeshadow brushes, especially those for blending. You can recognize them by their elongated shape and feather-like fluffiness. Eventually, nothing can be more frustrating than hitting a bright colour with a brush full of darker shades. Seriously not fun. Now that you know, it might not be too hard to decide. In case you are new to the world of makeup we can recommend our Daily Essentials brush set from the Prime Vegan line. The set offers you the 3 must-have face brushes for applying products like powder, blush, bronzer and highlighter. Additionally, you receive 2 distict eye brushes for seamless application and blending. The makeup starter kit can be easily extended with some professional eye brushes like the Essential Eye Set – just to make sure you never run out of eyeshadow brushes. At least for now, because – shhh! – there is one thing we know for sure: a brush collection can quickly become addictive 😉.

It's not an easy question for us to answer, because we have grown to love every single one of our Luvia brush sets. However, our absolute bestseller has always been the Prime Vegan in the legendary "tube" brush case. Find out more about the all-time fan favourite here.

The best makeup brushes are made of synthetic hair. New materials such as Taklon or the sophisticated Nurai fibres are much more skin-friendly, gentle and hygienic than natural hair. Brushes made of synthetic hair can be easily cleaned and maintain their shape after drying.

Taklon is the name for the type of fibre in most synthetic fibre brushes. Taklon fibre is robust, hygienic and also much softer than animal hair. A high-quality alternative to Taklon is the silky-soft and skin-loving Nurai fibre.

There are some universal features that can help you identify good makeup brushes. Nowadays, such brushes are made of soft, synthetic brush hair and are labelled as vegan, synthetic or antibacterial. Especially the last point is very important, because synthetic brush hair is actually much more hygienic than any natural hair. The reason for this is the smooth fibre structure, which makes it difficult for skin flakes, sebum and make-up residues to stick. (Quite in contrast to the porous and flaky surface of human hair). If the brushes are made of synthetic Nurai hair, you can be sure that you are holding a genuine quality product in your hands. Due to its special refinement, Nurai hair is even smoother than standard Taklon and therefore breaks much less frequently. Luvia brushes fulfil all the characteristics of high-quality make-up brushes and are the only ones on the market that are made from the brand's own Nurai hair.

The right brush foundation brush has a hair density that optimally fits the texture of your foundation. For liquid or cream foundation you can either use a flat-bound, rounded brush like the E103 Foundation Brush or a round brush with a flat top like the 110 Prime Buffer. With a flat brush like the 103 you can also apply creams and skincare products evenly and in a mess-free way.
The preferred brush for mineral foundation is the 115 Blurring Buffer. For best results, apply the product from the centre of the face outwards in a dabbing motion for optimal blending.

A buffer brush (also called buffing brush) is the perfect choice for applying products like powders, foundations or concealers in dabbing motions to achieve a desired coverage.

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