How to Brow

Learn how to create that perfect frozen brow look in a blink using our newest vegan Brow Styling Gel! This step-by-step guide shares the secrets of a quick and easy do-it-at-home brow lift.

Step 1:

Gently bend the spoolie of the duo applicator and use it to pick up a small amount of eyebrow wax.

Step 2:

Comb the eyebrows with the spoolie from bottom to top into the desired shape, distributing the product.

Step 3:

Allow the Brow Gel to dry and fill in small gaps with eyebrow powder, gel or a brow pen.

Step 4:

Do whatever you feel like! Whether it's a gym session or a club night, Luvia's ultra-long-lasting Brow Gel will get you through any adventure.